IPs used by COMODO


People that use P2P programs (uTorrent, Azureus, LimeWire, etc) usually have Peerguardian or some other IP blocking app on their machines.

I have tried to list wich IP’s ranges must be un-blocked to perform updates for both AV and CIS: - Comodo CA Ltd - Comodo CA Ltd - Staminus Servers / COMODO referral - City University of New York / COMODO referral - Voxel Dot Net / COMODO Referral

But I have some notes on others IPs from “City New York University” and from “Voxel Dot Net”, with nothing related to COMODO (any referral explicity named founded)

Please, can someone tell us the full trustfull IP list used by updates that should be un-blocked permanently? - OR, at least, can someone confirm this list above?


edit: updated list.