Ipod vs Zune

I saved up enough money to buy either a 120gig Ipod or 120gig Zune but I cant decide which is better. I did research on both of them and the Zune looks better but I would like to hear your opinion first.

Hey Eddoes,

I’ve been using Ipod since 2006 and I find it really cool. I stared from using the first Shuffle to an Ipod Classic, I still need to save for an Ipod Touch. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used zune but if you happen to buy one, let me know if it’s really nice.

Thanks in advance. ;D

Well thats the problem I never even seen a Zune. I checked both the ipod and zune site and the zune appears to be better so i might be aiming more towards that. I will let you know if I do buy one.

Well, altough I hate Itunes I guess you should go for the more expensive Ipod. It has many applications and is well supported, Better than zune tbh.


Hi eXPerience ,
Who doesn’t? :slight_smile:

I am not a big adviser, but from what I was told by big enthusiasts iPod is the thing to go compare to Zune.
As for Itunes you don’t need it at all. I never used it for writing music & videos plus I’m keeping quite a collection of Portable Apps there. So, Itunes is not a problem.
I am using Python & small Database builder. Some of my friend are using CopyTrans Manager.


I like iTunes ;D

You’re drunk ;D. Itunes aint so extremely bad, but, as I don’t have much music, it’s bloating my computer !


Well iTunes is only 35 MB in size here :stuck_out_tongue:

Who ? me or Cocktail ? ;D

Itunes aint so extremely bad
precisely correct - bad, but not extremely :D I was just saying that you don't need it for writing into iPod