Ipod Touch blocked?

I hope someone can help me?

I run Windows XP SP3 and Comodo Firewall 3.8.65951.477 I also run itunes 9.2 and have 2 ipods I sync via USB and an AppleTV which I connect wirelessly.

Until a couple of weeks ago, everything worked fine. But now - for some reason - whenever I connect either Ipod to my PC, itunes hangs.

If I disable Comodo Firewall, it works perfectly. So it seems very much to be a firewall problem. The AppleTV can access iTunes just fine, with Comodo enabled. And also, iTunes can talk to the internet no problem. It’s only the ipod that makes it hang.

I have tried adding rules to allow ituneshelper, itunes, and everything I can think of. But nothing seems to work. Only shutting down the firewall completely fixes it.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is, and how to fix it? I can’t figure out why Comodo is blocking a USB device?

Can you show screenshots of the D+ logs of around the time you are hooking up your iTouch? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

Thanks for looking at this for me, but Defense+ is disabled (by choice - I only run the firewall), so there are only 2 events in there and they are from 2008.

I just tried it again to check if there are any Firewall events, but there are not.

Another thing I have tried is to define the running Apple processes (itunes, mDNSResponder, AppleMobileDeviceService, ituneshelper) as Trusted Applications by going into “Define a New Trusted Application” and selecting them from the Running Processes list. This doesn’t work either.

The only solution I have found that works is to set the Firewall Security Level to “Disabled”. Apart from the hassle, I am not comfortable with the security implications of doing this regularly, so it’s not really a viable workaround.

It’s really wierd this, I am stumped! Do you have any suggestions?

At last! I think I have a workaround!!!

If I connect up the ipod, itunes launches and hangs. But if I then close itunes, but keep the ipod connected and then relaunch itunes again, it seems to reliably detect the ipod and work properly. I haven’t tested exhaustively, but it seems that this works OK.

I really don’t know how or why Comodo is getting involved in this though? Why should it not work with Comodo Firewall on, but it does work with it off?

EDIT: Spoke too soon :frowning: This only seems to work maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it hangs just as before.

I see you are using an older an no longer supported version of CIS. I suggest to update to v4.1.

I agree with EricJH, it is worth upgrading to the latest version. Also you may want to check the windows events. Run “eventvwr.exe”.

Hope this helps


Thanks guys. Strangely I had recently updated, but via the “Check for Updates” option, it only took me to 3.8.

I tried updating again and this time the update would keep failing with an error code 113. Then I tried uninstalling CIS and re-installing, and then I find it won’t install ! What a load of hassle.

Anyway, I am pleased to say, I followed the instructions on here to wipe all traces of CIS and I have now done a clean install of 4.1 and it seems to all be working perfectly now :slight_smile:

So I don’t know what the problem was before, but it seems fixed and thanks for all your helpful suggestions.