IPMSG-network messaging application help

I have the latest CPF and I just want to ask how to setup IpMSG for the firewall using rules.
I have setup by allowing UDP,TCP connections on port 2425 on my “trusted” network (local network). When I check the logs I get the dDOs attack (UDP flood), and I get notifications on local network ips sending incoming UDP to me which I allow(remember answer is unclicked). When I restart the computer and deny all the incoming UDP from 2425 I don’t see anyone on my Ipmsg. Is the UPD flooding caused by Ipmsg a security threat or it should be ignored becuase that’s how it works

I tried sending you the file for analysis but It wont connect to your servers. maybe its a proxy issue(although comodo updates are successful).
ANyway here is the file and the website

Ipmsg is a LAN messaging application which is like realpopup/winpoup/winmessenger but with added features like file and folder transfers via attachment