Iphone wont show up after error message

I get an error message every once in a while when i update my iphone… I know i know well try to debug it first thorugh apple… so i did… I reinstalled ITUNES i think this is the 13th time ive taken it to the store and boom it pops up on their itunes, but wont on mine… SO i was wondering after trying every technical support option from them, maybe its my security program. I disabled and disconnected comodo and that doesnt seem to work… but for some reason my Dell (windows xp, system defense still has another firewall up) i dont know if that could be it… IM JUST SOO FRUSTRATED AND LOST I NEED SOME, ANY AND ALL HELP… I will team viewer if that could help… Oh i’ve virus scanned and reg scanned all clean…

I am not sure if the Iphone and Itune create an IP network to synch, certainly does not with Ipod and USB connection.

First, disable the windows firewall. You should be able to do this via the control panel.

Next, try to set comodo firewall and D+ in training mode while connecting your Iphone. This should create the necessary rule to allow connectivity and traffic.

Once it works, switch back from learning mode to the previous operation.

Hope it helps


YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER!!! THANK THANK THANK YOU!!!.. i been through an ordeal… much appreciated!!!