iphone ipad tracker.

Do you own an iphone or ipad? You just might be being tracked without your knowledge or consent.

There, fixed that for you. :slight_smile:

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You forgot to mention Andriod GitHub - packetlss/android-locdump: android location service cache dumper

You forgot a car, cell phone, computer, elevator, airplane, grocery store… ??


Yep. I was entertained to see all the people starting to get excited when they heard about geolocation. But, that means someone could be tracking me?

Errrmmmm… Well, your mobile device knowing where it is isn’t quite the same as tracking, but yes, you can be tracked if someone really wanted to.

But you forget that you’ve been carrying a cell phone for how long? It’s been more than a decade I believe that cell providers have been able to triangulate your position based on distance from cell towers to aid emergency services in locating you in an emergency.

People also don’t seem to have issues using credit cards or those discount cards at grocery stores. Credit cards give an address of where it is used, and the discount cards not only give the location of the grocery store, but what you’ve bought!

If your car has OnStar or a similar service, they know where you are.

And the internet? fuhgeddaboudit…

Basically, you just might have been being tracked without your knowledge or consent for quite a long time… :wink:

Although, as you rightly point out, this is not new, I do understand the concern some feel, as this is not simply a one-off triangulation, it’s a database of everywhere you’ve been, stretching back to the time the device was purchased.

Whilst this information could be extremely useful to law enforcement agencies, when trying to solve major crime, it’s been suggested that the data may be remotely accessible by Apple and that’s a serious privacy issue. However, I haven’t seen that confirmed one way or the other.

It’s amusing that this should pop-up at this time :slight_smile:

IP address can now pin down your location to within a half mile

Interesting follow-up for both Android and non-Android users alike.

Check your router:

Google’s catalog

It placed my router in a different city ;D but placed my neighbours router exactly :o and neither of us have Androids…