iphone insecure??

Well it looks like it is according to a couple of sources:


I’m not sure if this has something to do with Apple not providing any sort of REAL software development kit to programmers. I mean, with just web programming that in my opinion is:

A) Dull (Lets have something NEW to play with (-: )
B) Incredibly slow
C) Lacks access to the real features of the iphone that would make it great.

Apple has a generally intelligent, vast developer following so they may start getting bombarded with the problems that used to and still do plague Microsoft for other reasons.

Also any worms that are written (And will be since the security seems on the surface to be rather half-baked) apple are the only ones that can write anti-virus software. As far as I know Apple have not bought an anti-virus engine, so it would take a while to create one since they are not a simple task.

Wow, forcing the user to run as root… Gee, that’s even worse than Windows defaulting to Admin (root) on their products. At least there, the profile privileges can be changed.

And buggy software on top of the whole root issue, which has been shown to be unstable and crash out on a regular basis? Are they trying to show they market products worse than MS?

I never thought I’d see the day when Apple (of all computer companies) would put out something where Windows starts looking good (or at least, not as bad as they did before I read that article).


Apple have annoyed not only developers but also the customers.

With bored developers and half-baked security, the iphone is just waiting to be “hacked” (In the legal sense, depending on what country we are talking about).

Grrrr, I was personally waiting to write applications for it.