iphone app - mouse

I am having trouble with using a mouse app over the network. (is this VNC?)

The app that I am specificly trying to get to work is “Logitech touch mouse”
There seems to be a firewall issue. When I disable the firewall, it works. I tried adding an exception. I tried “trust application” as well as just allowing the 4026 port out port and the LAN in.

Any suggestion?

Can you show me a screenshot of the Global Rules?



Do you use VNC to access other computers on the local network.

First thing I am missing in your Global Rules is the rule that allow outgoing traffic. Add the following rule to Global Rules
Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: Out

Source Address: Any
Destination Address: Any
IP Details: Any

Next step is we are going to define your local network as trusted. We will us the Stealth Ports Wizard for that.

Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network zones. See if you have a network detected by Comodo which shows something like: IP In 192.168.1.x/ Give it a name like My Local Network. Select the network → Add → A New Address → now add the following addresses:

When there is no network defined like that we will create one. Click Add → A New network zone → give it a name My Local Network → Ok.
Now select the network → Add → A New Address → now add the following addresses:
192.168.1.x/ (use “An IP address mask”; fill in the IP address of your computer)

Open the Stealth Ports Wizard under Firewall → Common Tasks. Choose “Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to EVERYONE else” → Next → choose “I would like to trust an existing My Network Zone” → from the drop down Zone Name choose My Local Network → Finish.

To get rid off some of the ICMP logs follow the steps from 11 in this post by Bad Frogger: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/utorrent_comodo_firewall_guide-t32326.0.html;msg230413#msg230413 .

Thanks a ton! I didn’t think I would need to specify rules for my network.
Works great now.

By the way, what protocol is it? Does it use VNC or what?

The rules I gave will allow all protocols (“All IP” as the rule will say). VNC is a program for remote access to other computers.

No, what I mean is what protocol does the iphone mouse app use.

I see. I have no idea.