IPBlocker alternative to Peerguardian

First: what is an ip blocker, what it offers, and why we need it:


The “comodo ip blocker” can be integrated on the comodo suite and also can be alone.

At least it should has the same options than peerguardian, would be nice xD
Add an option to enable it only when an application is runing
An option to only allow http
Auto Update the lists
Outpost has already an ip blocker but it can not auto update the lists.

Screenshots of peerguardian:

IP lists:


Protowall can be a reference too.

No need for such. CIS is able to block IPs, domains, etc. already. The only problem is that there is no way to import and export blocklists.

It would also be great to see it work with blocking lists like emerging threats and dshield.

It has already been suggested.


If you have other suggestions, please, place them there, so that they all stay together. :slight_smile:


Can also be integrated in CIS!