ipad 2 security

I have windows 7 64 bit and CIS premumium (freeware) 5.9.21 installed on my laptop. Internet connection is via DSL phone line wireless. I would like to know the following:

  1. If I am connected via DSL wireless, am I protected by CIS premium

  2. If I was to change to Cable internet, am I still protected by CIS premium; how do I get my email scan by CIS antivirus. I understand that the cable will provide an email address and their own email program.

  3. Sometimes I go to the library and use their public wifi internet, does protect me, but I also bring my Ipad 2 with me and it is sometimes connected to my laptop via USB. Is my Ipad 2 and laptop if connected via USB protected by CIS premium?

  4. If I just take my Ipad 2 to the library and use their public wifi internet connection, I understand I am not protected by CIS, therefore how could I setup CIS to protect my ipad 2 while I am using the library wifi internet connection.

Is there any chance you could consider of creating internet security program for mobile tablets such as Ipad 2 and sell it or make it available via itunes.

Thank you for your response to the above.