IP/Port Firewall Mode vs. Application Firewall Mode

Does Comodo Firewall have an option to run purely as an IP/Port firewall instead of a per-application firewall, or a way to jury-rig such a configuration?

Hi Ahroun,

Some variant to try: remove all global and application rules. Under network security policy->application rules->add->select->file groups->all applications. Create allow rules (specific IPs/Ports) you want. Put block/ip/in-out/any/any/any as the last rule.

I’m interested if it works…

So I can think of a given rules set as an IP Tables chain? That is, it will try the first rule, and go down to the bottom of the list, in the specified order, until it either matches, hits the bottom of the list, or hits a deny rule?

That’s right. And i guess for “All Applications” group the last block rule is mandatory.