IP Packets Blocking

Hello, yestarday after an attack on my internet which caused a crash on my internet and an increase of ping in about 20 - 30 ping, I decided to install Comodo firewall. The tech buddy help me and chat with me , but I still have some quesrions , I hope someone will be able to help me :slight_smile:
Which settings is the best to prevest such a thing? he is just getting my ip, which is permanent ip, and sending ip packets as I saw on other firewall, it just said unknown ip packs or something and it blocked it.
What is the recommend settings for it? I rarely need the computer defense, more the internet defense.
And another question, what do the “game mode” do? will it still be able to defense from any attack or an attack such as I described adobe? Thnx for the help,

First off are you behind a router, and second is it possible for you get a dynamic ip?

Yes, I have a router and im not sure I can get a dynamic ip, since I have some gamer thing which make my ip permament so make the ping stable and not higher.

Having a dynamic ip doesn’t make your ping higher, try rebooting your router, it may grab a new ip from your isp.

This page explains what Game Mode does.

And if your ping increased by 20-30, that could be normal net congestion.