IP mask problem

I have a rule for System to allow incoming connections from / and it does allow them, but it also allows incoming connections from every other computer on my network. This doesn’t happen if I just put in an IP address of without the subnet mask, but comodo created the original rule with the subnet mask after I answered an alert. Shouldn’t an IP mask rule from / only allow incoming connections from that computer?

I’m using version 5.0 of Comodo firewall.

No, that is the idea of a mask which can vary from (to allow a wider range of IP address) to

I believe you could change the mask to which would restrict it to one address.

This is a known issue for incoming FW alerts it creates these rules. / means - 255 are allowed as the last bitmask = 0 = allow all.

Like Dennis already posted you can use IP or make the subnet so it will only allow a single ip.

Ok I think I understand it now. Thanks for the help.