IP Filtering does not work [RESOLVED]

If for Mozilla (same for other browsers) I add a Network Control Rule to block TCP or UDP In/Out
for the single IP address (this is just a randomly chosen IP) for both source and destination addresses,
choosing any for source port and destination port, mozilla still can connect. Even if I make
this rule a global rule, it can still connect through.

Windows XP SP3, Comodo 3.5.57173.439


Can you tell me what other rules you have applied for Firefox ?

A block rule should become before an allow rule so if you’d like to block all traffic to and allow all others it would have to look like this:


  • Block From Any Src port Any to Single IP dst port Any
  • Allow From Any Src port Any to Any dst port Any

Hope this helps.

I can confirm the effect (Windows XP SP3, Comodo 3.5.57173.439)

I created a global rule, rule is the first in the list:
Action=block, Protocol=IP, Direction=IN/OUT, SourceAdress=Any, DestinationAddr=, IPprotocol=ANY

When accessing a share on the machine 192…100 I see in ActiveConnections:
–TCP out, source=…, destination=

So, at least for outgoing connections the global rule is ignored in the described case.


Can you set the direction to OUT only and see if that helps ?
If not try to add the dst port 139 and try again, maybe you have to reboot because it was allowed previously.

I have a rule that blocks my laptop to access the webinterface of my default gateway (because of exploiting local gateways) and that works fine.


  • changing to OUT didn’t help, restricting to one port or several ports didn’t help either

  • I changed the DestinationAdress to Any and blocked all MS-ports 135-139,445: that worked blocked access to any share on any machine

Than I switched back to DestinationAdress= and it worked, it blocked access to only that server

I rebooted. The rule still works, blocks only access to the one server.
Strange, but maybe that description helps to find the cause.


I’m glad it’s fixed now, I’ll try to fiddle a round with enabling/disabling rules like this if i find some time…