IP Checker integrated into Comodo Firewall


I like to see an IP Checker integrated into Comodo Firewall. Let me show you how I believe it should be done.

We first go into “Active Connections”


Then we right-click on any of the IP Addresses under “destination”, and a right-click menu should give us an option to check who/where this destination IP address belongs to. Comodo should show this information in a little viewing panel rather than displaying it in the web browser.

I think this is a good security feature as it can make it very easy to diagnose if there are malicious processes on your system “calling home” to dodgy servers.

Here is an example of an IP checker which I think should be integrated into Comodo:

What do you think? Yes or No?


You can do this with WhoIs, or In Firestarter (Linux Firewall) just left click show info.

I think it’s a good idea for comodo. It can show location and domain name of the IP. It’d also be neat if it included an IP filter list and showed good IPs as green, suspicious as yellow, and malicious as red. :smiley: Cool!

I approve this message ;D

Yes would be very nice dude ;D :-TU

+1 (If it’s won’t slowdown some BT program.)

Online armor display a destination by country flag but it’s limited connection from peers and leecher.
So it’s slowdown my BT program. :frowning:

Every wish that someone wants the other doesn’t! Why worry about that?

IF almost everything was optional, we still have something to complain?