IP Blocks Ignored

Hi There,

First thing first:

System XP Home Edition - Dutch
Commodo: v. Database: 3.0


I have blocked a few IP-Ranges on IP IN/OUT Destination: Any Ip-Protocol: Any

But my p2p program Utorrent still shows up with addresses in the blocked range even reporting traffic.

What’s going on here?

Hi cabal.

Are you aware that Network Monitor is hierarchical, that is the rules are processed from the top down.

You might want to take a look at this:

Blocking IPs Tutorial


I’m aware of that, blocks where added to the top. Further more I blocked these ranges in the application manager to. Still coming through. I had to install PeerGuardian to finally stop them.

Perhaps you would post a screen shot of your NM block rules, and an HTML export of your log files that show the addresses you have blocked…


What good would that do, the log shows the adresses being blocked and I tolled how I installed the ranges. There is no extra info gained from there. No typo’s or alike.

Then I guess i can’t help any further…sorry

Meaning? Comodo’s unsafe at the moment? Can it be comodo does not act on half open connections?

he log shows the adresses being blocked

As I said, if you post the details we can take a look.