IP blocking.

I would really like to see it part of CIS, Alike to Outposts IP blocking, support to import lists manually or via HTTP would be welcome as well, I use IP blocking as a core part of my computer security, I block everything and whitelist specifc IPs I access, and this being part of CIS would be awesome :slight_smile:

You can use a DNS Comodo.
But I trust myself.

DNS has nothing to do with my own IP block lists, I want added usability, this does not stop or hinder comodo DNS in any way.

PS: Comodo DNS is based in the US. if you are concerned about privacy.

A very good idea. Should be implemented as essential. That makes sense.
:-TU +1

I’ve never used it. :wink:
About the IP block lists - This desire have been in this forum a long time ago. (As I recall).
I think it will never happen. Just my opinion.

Your idea seems good, but since isn’t the first time this wish has been requested I don’t see any chance to be implemented :-\

There have been several requests for this over the years because search results show this topic back as far as 2008.

The best you can do right now is block ranges of IP’s based on where the most malware comes from or use adblock plus’s malware subscription.

This is the Google search which showed these requests.


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