IP blocking for dummies? :)

First of all please all take into account that I don’t know the first word about IT. But I don’t need indications to define network rules in CFP, I’ll manage that. :slight_smile:

I was starting to think about IP blocking and many questions assaulted my mind, and I guess this is a good place to ask. First, my main concern is spam, I know it’s the least important security-wise unless I’m careless enough to click links or open attachments, but it’s just plain bothersome. So first b[/b] question: can one prevent spam email by means of blocking IPs? Or the IP would be the one belonging to one’s email server, not the sender’s? Can it be done?

The second b[/b] question would be, what are the other risks I could avert by banning some IPs? I’m not too paranoid about it but if the only cost would be definig some rules and not installing yet another new program, and forbidding traffic to places I won’t ever need anything from anyway, sure I could use it.

If I decide to start blocking IPs, the following b[/b] question would be, how can I know which IPs should be blocked? I know people have gathered black lists, and I’d also know how are IP ranges and countries related. I found this in Google:

What do you think of it? Do you know about alternatives, programs or just online databases or whatever, and what do you think of them?

Thanks in advance. :THNK

IP rangers, even complete countries you could block.

If I am not mistaken, unless you run your own mail server, the only way of knowing where an email came from is by analysing the header. Doing that will show they came from many different countries.

Cool thank.

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Thanks, I didn’t see it before. My email client features filters for headers or anything, so I should be able. :slight_smile: