IP Blocked

Installed lates version of CIS Threatcast not working at all,and this IP firewall blocking

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I’m not sure why threatcast is not working for you, as it works here.

The log entries are ICMP Code 3 Type 3 which is Port unreachable. This basically happens when ICMP tries to deliver a message and the system for which the message is destined does not have a port open to receive the message. I’m not sure how or even if that would be related to Threatcast.

I just installed CIS on a fresh XP laptop… and ThreatCast didn’t work for me either. But, I’m not sure how ThreatCast & the posted blocks are related.

Actually, I take that back. I just installed CIS on another box and Threatcast is no longer working. However, I’m not generating events…

I think ThreatCast is temporarily down… it happens occasionally. I think the blocks are unrelated, probably a misunderstanding about TC.

I see (PM enlightenment)… Reptil believes is a ThreatCast IP. It certainly is a Comodo IP, but I cannot get a reverse look-up (getting a name for a IP) working for that IP (which might be the problem). So, I cannot tell if it is a ThreatCast IP or not.

[i]Confirmed: It is a TC IP (Reptil found it in another post by me!). So, this is probably why TC is not currently working. Why it’s showing in CIS’s log is another story… I’m not 100% sure why, although I can guess.


It’s alive but not working…

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In fact, Quill’s first post explains why (port unreachable - CIS obviously wasn’t expecting that response).

I have a ton of ICMP type 3 messages in my logs.