IP Block list, the ability to import IP block lists

please add the feature where you can import IP block lists so as people don’t have to have Peer Guardian installed as well. And make it so as it allows http ports like peer guardian so as you can load web pages.

Please add this to the Wishlist.



Since blocking a IP requires 2 rules, 1 for inbound 1 for outbound, and Comodo
stores these rules in the Windows-registry I think it would be a bad idea …

Actually, it is a very great idea and has already been suggested by me in the wishlist thread.

I maintain a list of range IPs to be blocked and trust me that you don’t feel your arms after reapplying more than 100 entries, when, for example, I need to format my machine. Which I will in a few days… So, an import/export option is more than welcome to CFP.

A fellow mod wrote an article about this on Comodo wiki

[b]CFP Blocked Network Zones[/b]

In CFP, there is a firewall definition for blocked network zones. The intent is good, but it is presently limited to manual input. The question comes up on occasion, of having some way to batch feed a set of addresses, and block a whole bunch of bad stuff on the Internet.

All well and good.

But… CFP stores it’s information in the Windows Registry. And, as an example of a block list, I’ll use the MVPS Host file at http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm which at the time of this writing (August 2008) comprises some 18000 entries.

Investigating the registry structure that CFP uses, and exporting that information in Regedit4 text format, it’s 6 lines of regedit commands per entry (one command per line: key and value)

With the MVPS host file, that 6 lines becomes 18000 * 6 = 108000 lines of regedit4 text. Just waiting to fed into the registry.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not all that comfortable with the prospect of feeding 108000 lines of command text into Windows, much less the registry, and expecting everything to go flawlessly.

And then keep it up to date, as the MVPS hosts file does get updated. Fairly regularly too.

If there is a call for it, I’ll put in the Perl script that I outlined for my own use to perform this small bit of insanity. It is untested.

Why not making CFP importing a list of IPs, domains, etc to block and then automatically export to a XML file, for example?

I don’t know how doable it is, but wouldn’t that be possible?

A CFP dev could do that but maybe it was not implemented because it would pose too much overhead on CFP engine.