IP and Mac Filtering

Hi, i need to configure the Network Zones/Block Zones in Network Security Policy to filtering based on ip and mac address. So, although someone can use the same ip with the ip is allowed, but he still can not connect to the network because it has a different mac address. Maybe the illustration like the figure below:

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This would be a very useful addition :-TU

mac address can be changed aswell >:-D and what you ask can be done aswell.

what you can do its a “Block everything” and put MAC, and then tick “exclude all but this MAC”

Put it first above your current IP rule, so it will block everything which its different of that MAC

Thank you. How about for more than one ip & mac. Let say, i have 2 trusted/allowed machine that may join to my network.

First PC: - IP :
- MAC : 00:01:8F:55:A3:FF

Second PC: - IP:
- MAC : 00:12:A0:98:8B:45

How to configure that in comodo?