IP Addresses and Server Down Notification

Sorry for the newbie questions here, but here we go…

  1. The current IPs that mxsrv1.spamgateway.comodo.com and mxsrv2.spamgateway.comodo.com resolve to are and Are those the only ones that I need to put in my firewall rules to restrict incoming SMTP traffic?

  2. What happens if my server is inaccessible? I understand the mail will spool and be released when my server comes back, however, it would be nice to get a text message or an email at an alternative address. I’m just not sure where that would be setup.

Thanks all!


The ‘alert’ functionality you speak of is not yet in ASG (but is coming soon). For now you will need to rely on your RMM tool to let you know if your mailserver is up.

The addresses you specify are the only ones needed for email.

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