IP address

There is a firewall which can block out part of the IP address does Comodo have this feature or plan to have this feature?
I ask because if every time we visit some website the IP address is recorded,how can we stop this especially if we are visiting a site which may be an attack site and we don’t know it what can we do. I had a trojan a few months ago and now I receive spam in every email address I use, some only for private matters. I did not have any spam before that in those particular email addresses and one was a child’s account and now it is riddled with Viagra emails. I feel so annoyed. I have tried to block out by using filters but to no avail, since they always seem to use a different email every day. I feel punished just for having an email account. spam should be deemed harassment. I do not want Viagra emails and should be allowed to have that peace and privacy when I choose it.

I believe Comodo has the ability to block IP addresses. Go to the Firewall tab and then click on 'My Blocked Network Zones.

This should allow you to block IP’s although I’ve never tried it myself. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

As for the spam if you want to report it you should see my post here:

But really if you’re receiving a lot each day it might be best to shut down the account and start another. It’s all up to you.