ip address connects url does not

I’ve had Comodo up and running for a couple of weeks now and have just had a strange problem.

I was able to connect to sites using the IP address but not by the url.

I’m using a Netgear router and the connection was OK.

I could ping the DNS servers and other sites like Google but I simply couldn’t connect using a url.

I de-installed Comodo and the problem went away.

I’ve now re-installed Comodo and it’s working fine.

The only things that I’d altered from the automatic setup was to set on the ‘Protect host on bootup’, a safe zone between my computer and router and deny Wgatray access to the internet.

Interestingly enough on my re-installation I can no longer see Wgatray on any of the lists of items to block/allow.

Any thought would be appreciated


“Secure the host while booting” or “Monitor DNS Requests” options may cause such an issue. Also make sure you dont have any DENY rule for svchost.exe in application monitor. While denying wgatray.exe, you may accidently create a blocking rule for svchost.exe(in case CPF alerts you about OLE Automation).