IP Address changes


I have a problem with Comodo changing the IP Address and I lose my connection. I would be working and all of a sudden an icon will show with a yellow question mark saying I have little or no connection.I looked at the IP address on Comodo’s front page and it is different than my IP Address. I know this because when I restart the computer I can get back on line and the IP address goes back to mine. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


CPFs Summary page, merely reflects the adapter currently in use. CPF doesn’t change anything, it only allows or blocks communication packets. CPFs summary page was probably showing your internal IP address, since your connection had been lost and it could no longer display your internet IP address.

I think you’re loosing your connection & I don’t think this is an issue with CPF.

Edit: Actually, CPF could cause your connection to be lost if your ISP needed a keep-alive signal & CPF was blocking it. Check CPFs log.