Iolo System Mechanic/Premium/PC TotalCare/Professional Board (Locked)

This board is for people that know Iolo & use there software. No illegal software content will be posted here.

Please feel free to post anything & everything regarding Iolo & System Mechanic/Premium/PC TotalCare/Professional including tips, how to’s, & other info.

Please Do Not post anything that regards Keygens, Key Generators, Cracks, or hacks. Doing so will result in me locking this board for a certain amount of time.

The System Mechanic Pictures can be found here >

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Dear Moderators: I hope your OK with me making this board. I am truly sorry for posting that post about that Key Generator. :slight_smile: Please forgive me for doing that.

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Have you paid for this software yet, Eddie?

I thought we were pretty clear about discussing illegally obtained software…

We are. If you read what is in bold, non of that will be mentioned here. There won’t anything mentioned here what is in bold print, honestly. :slight_smile:

Eddie, you are still trying to discuss software that you have obtained illegally. Meaning, you have stolen this software from Iolo! We are not going to be discussing this on the forum.

Locking thread…