Iolo antivirus for free

iolo AntiVirus™ keeps you safe by using advanced real-time technology that provides continuous maximum protection and automatically repels viruses before they can enter your computer.

Its fully integrated email protection works transparently in the background automatically scanning and disinfecting messages as they are transmitted, and an intuitive interface makes it easy to activate scheduled system inspections for a permanently virus-free PC.

Efficient real-time file protection
The high-performance always-on scanner prevents infections from ever occurring without impacting system performance by providing instant detection and removal of viruses and other threats in real-time.

Fully integrated email protection
iolo AntiVirus automatically scans and disinfects email messages sent and received by your PC as they are being transmitted.
Breakthrough disinfection technology surgically removes dangerous message attachments, leaving the remainder of potentially important messages intact and readable.
Automatic protection eliminates the need to manually scan messages before or after they arrive.
No-hassle setup instantly integrates with any POP3 email program.

Convenient on-demand scanning
Manually scan for and instantly remove viruses from specific files, or your entire PC, whenever you want a comprehensive inspection performed.

Hourly updates
Virus signatures are updated up to once per hour, keeping your PC safe from even the newest threats.

Scheduled system inspections
Quickly schedule automated scans at preset intervals that comb your system for dangerous and suspicious files which may be waiting to do damage.

Get it for free here !!!

Well from now it’s up to you if you use it or not 88).


I never heard about this av, but I thnk it smells too bad fish!!! … So I pass this one!

i have a yr license for this AV i tried to use about 4-5 months ago i had nothing but pc freezes never got it to work right for me it was very buggy :-TD

There are plenty off more & other alternatives such as Avast & Avira which are indeed much better then Iolo AV.

I tested Iolo antivirus and it’s BAD. I had Iolo Registry mechanic, which is a nice program, but they keep nagging you to install their Antivirus and Firewall even if you have a way better Internet Security installed or Comodo and some kind of antivirus ;D

Imagine - you have Comodo CFP 3 and a program shows you - upgrade to Iolo Firewall ;D Iolo VS Comodo - I wonder what to choose ;D

Agreed… Tried this one too. It said I had a boot sector virus but scanned with antivir and found nothing. probably lots of FPs.


  1. Guys, I never told it was good nor bad . I just offer it free to them who want it :slight_smile:


Didn’t I told you guys it smells to bad fish :-X :-X :-X ??? Next time… buy some fresh fish instead!.. (:WIN)

What are you refering to ???
It’s not bad, it’s not good. But it has some potential.


I just expressing my opinion if it is okey with you… I am refering to the reactions in this section of your thread… and do some research on the internet! Indeed I agree with you it has potential, but this hasn’t been squeezed out of it yet! So to me it is just a dead fish… I hope this is okay with you if I am expressing myself in this manner…

We’re living in a free world ;D

However it got some good reviews :).


Nice to read that buddy! I am glad you agree with me! (:WIN)

I have got the AV free and it is the most horrible antivirus I have ever used Most antivirus are more than atleast 10mb THE Iolo antivirus is only 3.5 mb what can IT do! :THNK

It’s not about size, it’s about the punch ;D And Iolo Antivirus clearly doesn’t have the power :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how can I download and use other shareware antivirus except iolo antivirus (:CLP)

Hey there,

take a look at this new thread which I just made :).


Good thread… Like it…