IOCTL Error Disk driver may not be installed properly error code 97

A little frustrated!

I tested this backup software before I decided to go with it for my company on one of our test servers. It worked just right which is why we switched to comodo. Well I installed it on all of our servers and now the when I try to backup manually it gives the following error

IOCTL ERROR DISK DRIVER MAY NOT BE INSTALLED PROPERLY ERROR CODE 97. It doesnt send the email unless I manually try to run it when it is supposed to send it if it fails or successful on the scheduled backup. My mian concern is getting this error resolved so we can have our backups running. I emailed COMODO and have got no response in the past 24 hours for this any ideas.

I restarted the servers after installing the software the first time just F.Y.I :wink:

not a clue on my part but hopefully one of the devs can get back to you soon.


You can check out the new BETA:
Although it might contain some bugs, the email problems were fixed.