Iobit Unlocker

For a test I was able to delete all files of Comodo using Iobit Unlocker, however, this was not possible with Kaspersky is this normal. If so, Comodo is not very well protected???

Did you allow iobit? Is it a trusted program?

If a virus gets permission to erase/modify things, does it really matter if it erases comodo too?
If you run an encryption ransomware, could it encrypt kaspersky?

What i try to say: If your solution allows an infection, its allready bad enough!

No Iobit is trusted - true, but why is Kaspersky settings, files and registry keys well protected and Comodo does not?

If a malware is trying to do so, it should’t be allowed, unknown apps can’t delete/modify. Trusted can.

So if a piece of malware is trusted by Comodo i.e., gets in to the trusted vendors list (which has occured in the past) it would be able to delete/stop Comodo?

Does kaspersky have a default deny? Or is it based on detection?

Yes, but that might change with VC module…

Is your comodo password protected?

Yes Kaspersky has default deny - there application control is the same as Comodo’s sandbox for example low restricted, high restricted and untrusted. No, my Comodo is not password protected.

Well on this I would say that, Comodo should avoid even trusted apps to delete its files and folders until its their own uninstall tool…