IObit 360 security beta 2(is360setup.exe)FP

It’s classified like :unknown malware
Heh,very strange.The file is in ‘‘my own safe files’’ a minute after the detection,but i didn’t put it there.

Hello bequick
We will check your submission, and if it’s a FP, we’ll fix it.

Hello, bequick.
We’ve checked this install package.
Old version of CIS detected some files from it on high heuristic & paranoid level of Defense+.
But now these files are added to our safe list in database.
So you just need to update your anti-virus database.

Thanks.What’s the reason to be in ‘‘my own safe files’’ instead instead the whitelist?

Drweb CureIt also recognized in is360setup.exe Win32.Induc a virus which infects Delphi files at compile-time, so maybe it is not CIS false reporting ???

IObit 360 1.0 detected as unclassified malware.

Hi bequick,

Can you mention the exact the CIS Detection name of IObit 360 1.0 supporting files.

-Chandra Mohan

Not right now, sorry. :slight_smile:

Hi again.:))I really don’t know what is happening with my CIS. ??? I have open my downloads in opera and CIS has detected IObit 360 like unknown malware->

A little bit later i have restored an image from yesterday,updated CIS and now it does not detects it.Same file, same place, but nothing.I really do not understand.