invitation to senders [Solved]


When trying the latest version, out tests include sending to “ourselves”, so to speak, from email addresses from other services.

we see that senders who get through are automatically sent and invitation to obtain the software.

Isn’t this spam?

I know this product is free, but shouldn’t there be some indication of this either on the web site or when we install it?

those kinds of messages annoy clients and mark “us” as small time…and unless we were told about this up front, it doesn’t exactly feel right.

or are we missing something, in which case, we apologize for the comments?

The message sent out simply states that you are using Comodo’s Anti-spam technology. I think you can change the message that is sent out to another less obtrustive default message somewhere in the settings. It has been awhile since I’ve last used it so have a look around.

I do think that there is mention of the ability to change the default message to a personal one somewhere in the “Wish List” Thread.