Inverted tray icon arrows, perfectdisk 8.0 incompatibility

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (conroe) Xeon 3060
SO: Windows xp Pro SP2 32bit. Administrator .
Security: Nod32 antivirus, with Internet traffic enabled, CFP set to safe application.
Bug1: the green arrows (upload arrows) of the tray icon show DOWNLOAD activity. The red arrows (download arrows) show UPLOAD activity.
Bug2: This is a bug commonly reported: the offline defragmenter tool in perfectdisk 8.0 is unable to work with Comodo with Defense+ installed. If I use the trick to change the registry value ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Inspect]
offline defragmentation run OK

-All the settings in CFP are in defaults, except D+ that is in “Training mode”.

Even i was gonna report this opposite action of the arrows… i think they show incoming and outgoing connections… many TCP OUT connections are used to download data…

So i think that the arrows show incoming and outgoing connections and the data being transferred thru those connections rather than incoming or outgoing DATA.

Also I thought the same explanation that you, Starry…But I have done several tests and can not find a direct link between the arrows and TCP connections, but a (opposite) direct link between arrows and incoming and outgoing data. It´s a mysterious for me, hopefully the expert could explain…

Yup its definitely a bug… i too looked into it closely and found they were the opp… Hopefully they can correct it in future…