Invalid Files [RESOLVED]

Product XP Home

Comodo informs me that the following files are invalid after purge…

Local Settings\Temp\is-KDAUA.tmp spybotsd 152.tmp and
Local Settings\Temp\is-IA8UL.tmp spybotsd 152.tmp

After I remove the invalid files they reappear.
Anyway I can stop this?
Thanks for any advice.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Those files belong to Spybot. Make sure Spybot and Spybot updater are trusted programs in firewall and D+. Make Spybot updater a " updater/installer" in D+.

(:CLP) Dear Vettetech,

Thankyou for very much for your time/reply/advice…sorted.

Regards jalop.