invalid file name when creating backup folder

I am trying to use backup 2.0.1… I select BACKUP SYSTEM PARTITION and then click CREATE FOLDER and enter a directory name - when I procede, I get an error INVALID FILE NAME. PLEASE PROVIDE A VALID FILE NAME. i select my H: drive which is an external Raid 1 esata Vantec storage unit connected by esata to this computer. I’ve tried names as simple as one character and still get the error. I’ve tried at least 20 times, so what’s wrong?

I’ve tried two different nas devices on my local network but get a message back that it cannot create a new network folder Of course both devices are password protected but comodo doesn’t ask for a password

My other test backup solutions have no problems creating directories on the local H: drive. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

If I can’t even create a directory I can’t use the product. Any help

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You must enter something in the box or you will get the error message. You can add anything you want to what is there and Backup will add the extension. Post back if you need more help.


yep. I missed the fact that it was adding an extension before I even typed the directory name. This is the first program I have encountered that does that. When other programs “make suggestions” in a dialog box I automatically delete them and enter my data. The only comment I can make is that Comodo should add the extension AFTER the user enters the file name

Thanks - I had used the search but must have phrased it differently and didnot see the message immediately before mine.

Thanks again

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I ran into this yesterday so your answer is helpful JJasper, but I also ran into this without creating a folder. I want to backup an internal drive to a WD external hard drive and when I click on that external’s drive letter I get that message without even creating a folder. So then I did creat a folder, called it Fdrive backup and I still got that message.