Invalid file name errors

Need some help.
I just uninstalled my old v1.0.4.337 and installed v2.2.127000.12.
I am trying to create a backup job for my email account, Outlook Express.
I keep running into the same problem… “Invalid file name. Please provide a valid file name”.
The program looks so easy and intuitive, I can’t imagine what I could be doing wrong to continually get this error message.
I ran the Diagnostic/Repair feature and it says the app is installed correctly.
I am trying to use a folder on a network drive as the destination.
I’ve included screenshots to illustrate the problem.
I’m not so sure that CBU2 is correct, and the extension .cbu is NOT automatically added as I type a file name.
What am I not doing right?

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you just need to enter in a file name

at the bottom where it shows the file path - after you’ve selected where to place the backup there should be a “Save As” next to the Create Folder button

hope this helps =D

It did help.
How the heck was I missing that?