Intrusive, invasive, sleazy new update "protocol"

I’ve used the free edition of this security suite for many years, and have recommended it to many, many people.

A few days ago I started getting nagging popups to update Comodo. I left it go for the time being (I am not hyper-paranoid and have not been afflicted by a virus or malware for perhaps 15 years – thanks in large part to the HIPS defense which is elegant, as well as having basic common sense and exercising diligence) – in any case, the update popup has persistently nagged me for several days until, today, I decided to go ahead and go through with it.

As I was going through the routine, it basically tried to hijack my browser settings to default to a Yahoo homepage, requiring me to opt out. Then, after I proceeded through the update, it required a machine restart (something I have never experienced to the best of my recollection in the past few years of using Comodo). Furthermore, upon restarting, the updater AGAIN tried to “hijack” my browser homepage unless I opted out, and also tried to suggest I upgrade to a paid version.

These business practices are an embarrassment and I am doubtful I will be recommending this software any longer.

The Yahoo thing pops up now and then, I just deny it. Get Unchecky.

Or you can disable Program Updates and clean install CIS using the Uninstaller Tool and Offline Installer (Click on Customize Install to uncheck AV/FW component otherwise it will install full CIS suite). I usually do it every 6-8 months, it can be done even longer if more restrictive settings such as this are used for example.

A restart is always required with a program update. From what version were you updating?