intrusions detected when i use process explorer

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Very often use the process explorer program to control the processes running in memory and every time I get the wornings intrusion on memory.
All this puts me in undue alarm and every time I have to check whether it is true or intrusion process explorer.
I tried to exclude queso application intrusion detected but failed in the setup.
Can anyone help me by explaining in detail how to do?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Sandro c.

process explorer is trying to access CIS’s processes in memory but CIS’s self protection prevents it so you see it constantly trying to access it. Process explorer will function normally without giving it access to CIS’s processes.

If you really want to exclude Process explorer from comodo’s self protection see my post here:;msg792112#msg792112

HI wasgij6, :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response and esaudiente …
I made your edit and intrusions are no longer shown … but I hope that with this setup does compromise safety Convenient to all the rest of the checks carried out in the PC memory, but only for Process explorer.
I still need a lot of practice in the setup of CIS. Where can I learn how to make a setup for use 24/7 without going crazy with warning messages but useless while maintaining good security?
Thanks for everything

sandro c.