Intrusion Attempts

Been over a thousand attempts so far now mostly from different IP’s. All on the same port.
Started happening around 9:45 and its been going for almost an hour now. Never downloaded anything or installed anything today.
Scanned with Spybot, Malwarebytes and Nod32 and all came up clean.
Something I should be worried about or anything I should do about it?

Update: Well it appears to have slowed down for now. Only gotten 5 attempts in the last few minutes instead of one every 2-3 seconds.

Update 2: Appears to have completely stopped now.

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Welcome to the Forum, Entropy.

Any chance you were running any P2P software (i.e. uTorrent)?
These would be other clients attempting to DL from your torrents.
As you noticed, it does end after a while.

Nope. I checked through running processes and killed the explorer tree and it still was happening. I figured it would eventually end, just was wondering more or less what it was from since its displaying as the OS and not from a specific program or source.

Usually it is a reply to a request from a program that is not currently running. (with no application on the inside of the firewall to accept these, CIS blocks and lists them as the OS)

Ah I see. I’ll have to check startup values then and see if there was something running that I ended up closing.

Update: Found it. There was a Bittorrent client on startup. Apparently came bundled with something, deleted it and haven’t had any more.