Intrusion attempts


My Comodo firewall always shows 0 intrusion attemps.
See the screen:

Is this normal?


It Depends Upon The Network Policy Rule You Have Set.

I don’t understand. Can you explain better? I guess i didn’t set any rule.

Let’s Consider That You Use Bitorrent Application And In Your Network Security Policy You Have Set The Rule For Bitorrent As “Outgoing Only”, All The Incomming Connection To Biorrent Will be Rejected Automaticcaly And It Will Be Considered As An Intrusion Attempt.

Your D+ mode is clean PC mode.
Delete rules and try with safe or paranoid mode.
Or reinstall CIS.
After then, change D+ setting to ‘safe’ or 'paranoid’mode.

Otherwise, more details needed.

You will get “0” intrusions if your behind a router cause that what is your primary inbound protection.