intrusion attempts

ok so I’ve been getting some weird blocked intrusion attempts for a while now and I would like to know if they’re alright.

I looked up one of the source ip’s , and it said it was owned by comcast. I think this is weird becuase I live in Canada. See linked photo for more info, I blacked out the last to sets of numbers in the ip’s for privacy.

sorry if I double post, I’m not used to using a forum and this one seems to be hassling me


Hi kristjan,
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Could you try to attach your image saved as a .jpg or fix your link. It seems to be no good.

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Don’t worry you don’t need to uplaod any screen shot here.
You are talking about IP ‘’ right?
It’s not intrusion.
Don’t worry. It’s not from the any web site. Also it’s not hacking attempt.
It’s from your ISP’s router.
We say Multicast. The router which from your ISP sends multicast packets to evrybody have same IP range.
Why do that?
It means ‘is there any hosts(PC) which belong to multicast group?’.
Because the router should manage it’s ‘Routing Table’.
It sends same packets every 1min(it depands on configuration).

1.Go to Stealth ports wizard.
2.choose ‘Alert me to incoming connections stealth my ports on a per-case basis’
Do not use ‘Block all incoming connections~’
3. you will never see that alert again.


ok, here it is

Nothing to worry about. It is just the firewall doing its work.

Are you on cable without using a router? There are some connection attempts but nothing out of the ordinary and a couple of broadcasts as Creasy describes.

yes, I don’t have a router.
thanks you all very much