Intrusion Attempts

Since last 2 days my CFP is showing that “The Firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempts so far.”

On the first day when I installed it was correctly showing the number of blocked intrusions, but after I made some changes in settings it is showing that it has blocked 0 intrusion attempts :-.

My Firewall Security Level is in “Train with Safe Mode” and my Defence+ Security Level is in “Clean PC Mode.”

Is there any problem ?

There is no train with safe mode. Do you mean safe mode? Are you behind a router? What are your global rules?

Maybe you’ve disabled firewall loging ? 88)

Yes, I am behind a router and I have not configured Stealth Port Wizard. Do I need to ?
I have not disabled firewall logging too.

If you are behind a router that is why your having the results you see. A router is your first and best line of defense. I have my hardware firewall in my modem set to full stealth and can pass Shields Up without Comodo. I use Comodo for the HIPS and program control. If your router is fully stealthed then dont worry about anything.