Intrusion attempts blocked

I’m one of those people described in one post as an idiot and I know nothing aboutcomputers or internet security. I bought a new Acer computer and was advised to use Comodo. It immediately found five viruses in the Acer game Zone, and Acer Arcade Live even though I had never even used those two icons. Now in another scan it tells me that it has blocked 2700 intrusion attempts and when I check I find that every one of them is from Acer Arcade Live/Acer Home Media connect. Could someone please explain what all this means and, more important, what I need to do

I suggest you first follow these steps to prevent getting alerts for trusted programs.

add your safe program files to Defense + safe files.

Comodo>Defense +>my own safe files>add>browse files>my computer>local disc C:>program files>drag and drop program files from the left to the safe files area on the right>make sure “add subfiles and folders” is checked>OK

Add things like Anti virus, poker applications, media players, programs that you use and know are safe.

When installing new software, you’ll get an alert. Select “treat this application as installer or updater” and click yes to enter installation mode. Stay in this mode until you’re finished installing the software. Then revert back to your previous mode.

Keep Firewall and Defense + on safe mode.

If you’re having problems with a malware infection feel free to go start a thread in the malware removal forum. You might include a link to this thread for reference.