Intrusion attempt. Need help!

I keep getting intrusion attempt just want to clarify with the pros if I am not getting a ddos attack?

DHCP client asking for ip info no danger

where is that coming from though

Ports 67 & 68 are the ports your ISP uses to renew your address and as such should not be blocked. If you are on a DHCP then you need to allow them. I suggest reading the posts below where Ronnie and others explain it all much better than I can.

if you have a lan it can also be from the computers connected to it

yeah i have a lan

we have a wireless router and 2 computers connected to it.

i think my older brother is attempting to go in my computer

Do not double post

according to the 2 log entries it is the dhcp client of the other computers asking for ip info from your router.
it is not a intrusion attempt you can disregard them