Introduction - Defender+ - Getting Involved

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with CTM. I’m sure it’s something I did since it happened just after Windows updates installed, and I remember running a scan via Active @ Hard Disk program. In any rate, I’m up and running again - no CTM yet until I hear from DosKey.

Defender+ - if I trust a program, does that mean CIS ignores that file? What if it does become infected with a virus later? For example, the customer experience program generates a lot of rundll32.exe traffic. If I trust rundll32.exe, and it becomes infected or it does something it isn’t supposed to do, what can CIS do?

I’ll peruse the Defender+ forum and the FAQ. If anyone has something to add, please post.

Getting Invovled - I plan on becoming a partner in a few months, and I’ll be here more often after my Geeks To Go malware training is complete. I wonder if there is such a vehicle here - a security university, maybe? Comodo U? :wink:

I look forward to help out and getting to know as many people as I can.

Be safe


Consider joining the malware research group. Give Melih a PM.