** INTRODUCING: New Official Avast Program Update 6.0.1091 **

Hi all,

I’m glad to announce the general availability of a new avast program update, version 6.0.1091.

Here’s a list of most important changes:

  • solved a compatibility problem with ZoneAlarm (WinXP)
  • added WebRep Chrome extension
  • improved installation of the WebRep plugins (especially Firefox)
  • various fixes and improvements in the avast sandbox
  • setup programs now smaller by ~20%
  • Community features and the Welcome screen can now be turned on/off directly from program settings
  • solved a compatibility problem with Outpost firewall
  • solved a bug related to the AutoSandbox offer (WinXP)
  • gadget can now be removed by simply closing it
  • solved a compatibility problem with GameGuard and sXe
  • SafeZone improvements
  • improved sandbox logging
  • SafeZone is now a standalone setup package (can be installed/uninstalled separately)
  • improvements in password processing
  • improvements in the program uninstaller
  • solved a memory leak in the avast gadget
  • fixes in the File System Shield transient cache
  • various stability/compatibility improvements

Many thanks to everyone who helped testing.

This is the one to test if you want to test avast really has improved. It blocked everything on malwaredomainlist and malcode. I have all the settings on high and PUP’s enabled and i get no false positives.