Introducing A Cyber Security Innovation : Graphic Access Tabular Entry [ GATE ]

Traditional password has been in existence for thousands of years. Weak passwords make systems vulnerable, yet strong passwords make you forget. Is there a way to keep the passwords simple and yet still make the system strong and secure ?!

Yes, there is ! 21st century technology is finally sophisticated enough to fix the weaknesses of traditional password.

Introducing a digital security innovation : Graphic Access Tabular Entry [ GATE ], an interception-proof authentication and encryption system and method.

The patented GATE system overcomes the weaknesses of traditional password. Special characters are part of the GATE design.

The GATE system generates tokens to let user select and enter user pins from preset passcode, each token the server generates has several symbols, some randomly selected user pins are included in these tokens. It is impossible to tell which symbols in the tokens are valid user pins, which are non-user pins, thereby increasing password strength exponentially. Some user pins might not even appear in the tokens, in that case user can and must enter random tokens in place of those pins, and this uncertainty makes guessing your passcode much harder.

With GATE you are not afraid that you are being watched or intercepted when you enter passcodes, the GATE innovative method is designed to be peek-proof and interception-proof.

I was invited to write on Peerlyst, a professional cyber security site, and there are a lot of details there about password protection :

Demo on YouTube : Cyber Security Innovation : Interception-proof Authentication And Encryption System And Method - YouTube

The GATE system and method will offer you much better digital security. Anywhere there is a need for access control, there is a need for the GATE system, including but not limited to : door access, safe box, PC, mobile phone, web login, ATM, weapons system, facilities [ infrastructure ] …

The GATE system can be an alternative to traditional password system for stronger security. It can be used for both human to machine and machine to machine authentication.

If you know any organization that is interested in GATE, please let me know.

Website : GATE [ Graphic Access Tabular Entry ] --- Interception-resistant Authentication And Encryption System And Method

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