Interview With The Project Manager of Comodo Firewall

Hi people,
we made a short interview with the project manager of CPF, Egemen.
You can read and digg it to the world here:

Hi Tamsu,

Thanks for providing the link to the interview, it was an interesting read. :wink:

And, yes, I’m jealous of Egemen having an Alpha of CFP v.3.


Nice interview!


Hi mates,
I also would like to thank to Egemen for taking his time…
Since I am running an independent security blog/forum/wiki etc… I must be equal to everyone, but I cant hide that (R)

I is jealous too!

The best firewall I have lets 3 leaktests by.

I wish it were late March already.

Thanks Tansu!


That says it all.
Thanks and Best Regards

Welcome everybody.

Well I was afraid of a slashdot effect. ;D ;D
But just 12 diggs. where are the comodo fans? (L)

12? It’s gone all the way to 13 now. :smiley:

I want to thank Tansu and appreciate COMODO striving to offer home users outstanding software firewall! (:CLP)

I don’t use digg. Or is it that one doesn’t use digg, just digs? ???

Dig is already reserved in the book we call the dictionary, so that’s why the site must’ve picked Digg with 2 g’s. (CWY)

I was asking how digg works. Do i have to be registered or i just Digg it??
I know what dig is. My dog digs a lot.

lol. I tried it digg it but registration is required first.

Hi people,
I spread it via Digg because it’s a common action if you want something to get known by people.
And yes you have to register to digg to digg :slight_smile:
If you had dugg enough, my blog would crash ;D

Wow head hunted aye, not bad.

I guess after ~5+ years in the industry and being darn good is the way to get head hunted (-: .

Thanks to Tansu for this interview.

His blog and forum are important for me. While I was looking an alternative to my firewall (ZA), I found his forum on Google that was saying something about Jetico. I went to there and was joined. I read many posts about Jetico and others. Then I decided to use Comodo. It was the best.

I found Comodo by this way…


Hi aXes,
Thanks for your kind thoughts about Doctus.

I would like to add something; you people may have enough time to ask or opportunity to talk with Egemen or other Comodo hereos here. But others don’t
So I believe we should spread it more besides Comodo Forums. Thats also why I asked you to digg the interview. Here is a good example of another good software I use. They put a digg button with the new release and get more popularity.
So next time, after the V3 released, we make an interview with Melih (Which he doesnt know yet :slight_smile: ), Comodo funs must work harder I hope.

I am waiting anxiously for the new firewall. Hope it is soon, will it be an automatic upgrade for us?


As there are going to be many major changes in the next version I’d suggest you do a reinstall, rather than an automatic upgrade.