Interview with an Adware Author

Interview with an Adware Author


ganda: We do not have an Adware or Interview section, so please leave this here. Thanks.

What about this?

Have you read the interview? There are no security questions… but, it does raise some & inform.

PS Soya, do you mind. Don’t encourage ganda. Last time he move a packet-sniffer topic to the AV removal section or something. And, yes, I did define “Packet Sniffer” (with pictures… Wackypedia entry).

but my finger is itchy 88)
and it’s security related issue
M: Yes. I should probably first speak about how adware works. Most adware targets Internet Explorer (IE) users because obviously they’re the biggest share of the market. In addition, they tend to be the less-savvy chunk of the market. If you’re using IE, then either you don’t care or you don’t know about all the vulnerabilities that IE has.

IE has a mechanism called a Browser Helper Object (BHO) which is basically a gob of executable code that gets informed of web requests as they’re going. It runs in the actual browser process, which means it can do anything the browser can do– which means basically anything. We would have a Browser Helper Object that actually served the ads, and then we made it so that you had to kill all the instances of the browser to be able to delete the thing. That’s a little bit of persistence right there…[/i]

if that’s non security topic, that would be an insult for noob.
but OK. your wish is my command (-www-)


i moved it to other security software section 88)

but OK. i don’t agree, don’t have time to argue, i don’t eat vegetables

is it that easy to steal someone’s info? (attachment) ???

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Erm… ganda, the bit you cited isn’t anything to do with security. What’s being described could be applied to a virus, malware or trojan sure… but, in this case, it isn’t. It’s Adware (as the title says).

A Packet Sniffer is no more a security program that your screen is. It’s a communications tool, that’s all. You don’t do consultancy for the UK Government on the side do you?

With his 4-10 million ad network? It’s not my field, but yes probably. Of course, if he had done that… the interview might have been conducted in a prison. edit:… Oh… and you could have moved this topic to a security section. :slight_smile:

Very interesting interview.

so you mean, he can’t do it without other ppl notice it. 88)
not so cool then 88)
but look at what he said:

[b]S: In your professional opinion, how can people avoid adware?

M: Um, run UNIX.[/b]

so he means, you can’t avoid adware if you’re using windows 88)

[b]S: How private is people’s information today?

M: Not at all.

S: Do you think that in our society we delude ourselves into thinking we have more privacy than we really do?

M: Oh, absolutely. If you think about it, when I use a credit card, the security model is the same as that of handing you my wallet and saying, “Take out whatever money you think you want, and then give it back.”[/b]

duh? :-X

so now adware has nothing to do with security huh? 88)

but whatever, i’m a professional. don’t have time to argue. LOL :slight_smile:

His position was different to those that write nasty (virus, trojan, malware, etc…) programs. He worked for a legitimate company that could be, and was, held legally accountable. So, in his position… it’s his opinion that he could have got away with it. But, it just takes one user (victim) to notice… game over. Also, he doesn’t really know how much the company he worked for actually trusted him. Given what they were doing… probably not a lot. They could have easily been monitoring him very carefully for this very reason.

UNIX: I guess as it stands now, with the majority still using MSIE as he described… then for the majority that is probably a true statement. However, it is equally true, that the very same majority he cites would probably never even consider using UNIX/Linux for exactly the same reason they’re still using MSIE.

Adware is Advertising Software. Unless you’re saying that just because some chap at Boeing makes statements about security, then the whole of the aircraft manufacturing industry should be considered a security issue?

But, whatever… you’re the professional & it’s your argument, not mine. :slight_smile:

“S: You wrote adware. You bastard.”


“M: People can have things as good as they are willing to work for. If you want to have a system that’s clean of nasty software, you can do that. If you want to have personal privacy, it’s possible– very hard, but possible. And I think it’s worth it.”

It’s getting much easier with using COMODO. :comodorocks:

“sneaky sneaky” company ;D

Yeah, someone like ganda was the CEO. Or was it ganda?.. :THNK