Interpreting Diagnostics Reports

??? I searched for an answer to this but I couldn’t find anything anywhere so I apologize if I am asking something silly.

I have CIS installed on 3 XP computers, one Windows 2k and one Vista computer. All is well on all but the Vista Ultimate 32 bit machine. I noticed the notification in the system tray that the firewall has a problem so I investigated. I tried the automatic fix but it reported that everything had not been repaired and would I like to run a diagnostics report. I ran the report and saved it as a text file. Upon reviewing the report I didn’t see anything to indicate where the problem lies. I did notice that several lines near the end of the report were prefixed with ??\ in the path to files.

Can someone tell me how to identify/locate the problem entries shown in the report? My guess is that the lines with the question marks have some significance but I am only guessing.

TIA for assistance.

Cec Britton