internetbro(?), iexplore.exe.mui and their systematic disappearance

It started just some 48 hours ago. My windows xp sp3 pc was running. I left pc for 20 minutes. I displaced the mouse to stop the screen saver and to see the log in screen. Then I entered as usually with my password. I am ■■■■ sure that no one used the pc by this time.

The first thing I saw is that the Internet explorer is open. When I left pc I am ■■■■ sure that I was not using IE. It was not opened by me. The second thing that I saw after closing IE, is that the My computer icon is not on desktop. In this case too, I can assure that I didn’t removed it.

I was very surprised about those two events. But failed to find any reasonable answer.

Now I am posting this here after noticing another very surprising event. While i was opening comodo by double clicking its icon on system tray, the usual lag occurred. After a few seconds the interface showed up. Just within a blink of the eyes something got removed from the firewall section which displays that which programs are using which percentage of the bandwidth.

To be sure about the suspicion i closed the interface to send it back to system tray. Then again opened it. This time I got confirmed that some entries are getting disappeared from the list within the blink of the eyes after I am opening the comodo interface.

to start it again, the third time I took several screenshots while comodo interface is getting started from system tray. From the captured shoots I saw that there were two entries that were quickly getting disappeared and another entries are filling there places. The two which were getting disappeared-

internetbro… the full name is not shown

See the attached images which are captured consecutively very fast. The first one shows the the two entries and the second one shows that they are disappeared. In the first image the “secure” green button is absent. The Auto-Sandbox status is labeled as Limited which is not the actual setting. In reality the Auto-sandbox setting is Disabled. In the second image captured just after previous one, shows the setting correctly.

When I was searching google for “disappearing iexplore.exe” I landed on Redirecting where I saw a suggestion to put the C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe -extoff in the run box. To do so while I was typing that in the run box the box suggested a similar line as if I have already put that previously. The suggestion line was C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe.mui . I had never hard something about iexplore.exe.mui . So it was never put in the run box previously by me. How that came in the run box?

I am writing this keeping the comodo interface in task bar and not in system tray. No change in firewall section. But if I close the window and open it again from system tray it happens.

I have firewall rules set with default deny and application specific permission where IE is set as browser.

Can you please shed some light?

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There is currently a report for the programs flashing and being replaced. It can be found here:

Please reply to that topic providing your system information, and noting that you are experiencing the same issue.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. I have reported the problem along with the answers related to system status on the page you suggested.